Our Vision

 » To be the market leader in Dairy industry. Uganda is uniquely positioned among other countries with its rich soils and the capacity to produce high quality milk and being surrounded by countries who are offering huge market is set to become a milk hub for the COMESA region.

Welcome to Fresh Dairy- Range of Quality Products.

The Sameer Group of Kenya, in conjunction with the RJ Corp. of India, established a joint venture company, Sameer Agriculture & Livestock Ltd, which entered into an agreement with the government of Uganda which took effect on the 1st August 2006 to lease the assets of the Dairy Corporation in Kampala.


Our product Range

  • Liquid Milk-Fresh pasteurized milk in Sachets. This is packaged in 1000ml and 500ml sachets. Liquid milk is produced in three distinct categories; full cream (3.5% fat), semi-skimmed milk (2.5% fat) and low fat (1.0%)
  • Long Life - UHT Milk. This is produced in 500ml and 250ml, in four flavours; plain, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate
  • Yoghurt, is packaged in cups of 500mland 175ml as well as sachets of 500ml
  • Butter ( 250g)packaged in hygienic foil
  •  Ghee ( 1 litre and ½ litre) packed in tins and plastic airtight containers and 20 litre tin containers
  • Milk Powder (Full cream and Skimmed) packaged in 25kgs, 400g(4.8kg catons) and 900g(10.8kg cartons)
  • Long Life natural milk pillow park(500ml)


Contact Us

We would be pleased to have any suggestions, comments and queries. Please reach us through the following contact address and telephone numbers.

Physical Address

Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Limited
Plot 49-53/55
5th Street, Industrial Area

P. O. Box 7078,
Kampala, Uganda


+256 41 4 258751/5


+256 41 4 230942




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